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ADExploder is an Active Directory explorer application written entirely in PowerShell that uses Windows Forms and the Directory Services API.

It's designed to:
  • Be stupid
  • Be as minimal and simple as possible
  • Not really handle any errors very well
  • Usefully decode several different types of AD fields
It has a non-trivial UI, something that (from Powershell) should not be.

Setting up

To get things like -shl, you'll need at least PowerShell 3.0. Here's a link to the download for PowerShell 4.0.

You'll also need to enable local execution of PowerShell scripts:
  1. Start a PowerShell instance as an administrator
  2. Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned (this might need to be Unrestricted since the script was downloaded)
Finally, download the script or clone the repo.


Run the script. It'll automatically try to connect to your logon server if you have one. Otherwise, File -> Open and then specify the desired AD controller hostname.

Known issues

This thing is stupid! It has very minimal to no error handling. Also, if you expand a huge node, it will sit there and churn through the whole thing with no option to pause, cancel or lazy-load.

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